PPO Plans

Preferred Provider Organization Plans, or PPO Plans, are one kind of private insurance plan offered under Medicare Advantage, also known as Medicare Part C. Medicare Advantage plans include everything from Medicare Parts A and B. PPO Plans will typically offer additional benefits outside of what is offered under Original Medicare. 

Like other Medicare Advantage Plans, PPO Plans can offer the same coverage that Original Medicare offers, in addition to other added benefits. These other benefits may include vision, hearing, and prescription drug coverage. 

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How PPO Plans Work

Those enrolled in a PPO Plan will have a network of doctors, hospitals, and other various healthcare providers, including specialists, to choose from. While you may still have the option to make choices outside of your network, choosing within the PPO Plan network will cost less. For PPO Plans, you do not need to choose a primary care doctor, and you do not need referrals to see specialists.

PPO Plan Cost

The cost of a PPO Plan varies depending on the plan. Costs also vary depending on whether you choose in-network doctors, hospitals, or other healthcare providers or decide to stick to what is offered in your plan’s network. Choosing doctors, hospitals, and other healthcare providers within your plan’s network will cost less than making choices outside your plan’s network. 

Benefits of PPO Plans

There are several benefits to choosing a PPO Plan. Most PPO Plans also offer prescription drug coverage (Medicare Part D) as part of the plan. However, not all plans are the same, so be sure to confirm whether your chosen plan offers this benefit. Another perk of PPO Plans is that you can see a specialist without a referral. Under PPO Plans, you do not have to choose a primary care provider.

Cons of PPO Plans

One consideration to make before choosing a PPO Plan is that if you choose any doctors, hospitals, or other healthcare providers outside of your plan’s network, it will result in higher out-of-pocket costs. Another con is that the extra benefits available under certain PPO Plans may also result in additional costs. 

Learn More about PPO Plans

There are multiple Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) Plans to choose from, offering varying levels of benefits. We here at Cashmore Financial Group are here to help you find out if a PPO Plan is right for you. Give us a call now to discuss your options.

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